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Newborn Gift Ideas

Infant Toys-Great Newborn Gift Idea

When choosing a newborn gift idea, you can't go wrong with toys. There are many different options like larger toys such as a swing, a jumperoo, a bouncer or rocker chair, a walker, or an activity gym. Any of these would make a wonderful newborn gift idea, because almost all babies love them. They're colorful, durable, easy to assemble, and easy to clean. A swing is soothing for newborns to relax and in most cases nap in. Most swings have multiple speed settings and music options for your newborn to enjoy. An exerciser is designed for infants four months old to walking age or a maximum of thirty inches in height with three height adjustments to accommodate your baby. An exerciser is a good way to develop strength in your baby's legs as they rock, spin, and bounce. A jumperoo is another good newborn gift idea that provides safe jumping and also helps to strengthen your baby's legs as they get ready for walking. A bouncer or rocker chair cradles your baby with a contoured seat with vibrations and gentle bouncing motion, which soothes and comforts a baby. Most bouncers and rockers come with a variety of melodies and at least 3 entertaining toys. A walker is best for babies when they are able to sit upright unassisted to a maximum of 30lbs or 32 inches in length. This mobile toy teaches your infant how to safely walk until they are ready to do it on their own. Lastly, an activity gym is also a good newborn gift idea. This way your baby can either lay on its back or belly with a combination of toys with colors and lights for them to enjoy while classical music and nursery tunes play. Any of these toys are a wonderful way to have fun for both you and your baby.

If a larger newborn gift idea isn't for you, there are many smaller toy options that are just as enjoyable and educational. Smaller toys are more portable and give you more choices to find something they play with wherever they go. Most toy stores will carry the classic baby toys like Barbie to the newer more popular toys like Bratz. Some options for smaller toys are a toddler swing, an aquarium for their crib, a Boppy pillow, a GloWorm, Little People, blocks, or maybe a rocking horse. Some well-known brands of toys are Fisher Price, Little Tykes, Disney, Lego, and Leap Frog. There are so many options to choose from but you can't go wrong with toys. Anything that you and your baby can enjoy together is just what you are looking for. The best toys will do just that and build a stronger bond between parent and child. If you are unsure of what type of toy they would want or need, a gift certificate at either at Toy's R US, Babies R US, or various department stores are options of a possible newborn gift idea that will assure their satisfaction. No matter what you choose, large or small, the choices are endless.