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Newborn Gift Ideas

Stumped for a Newborn Gift Idea?

If you are having trouble coming up with a newborn gift idea, there are many items you can buy for the baby's nursery. Most nurseries include a crib, a changing table, a dresser, a toy chest, a rocking chair or glider, and any sort of decorations if you know the theme of the baby's room or whether it is a boy or a girl. A crib is a wonderful newborn gift idea, and you have many different styles and colors to choose from. Some cribs even have options that will convert a crib into a daybed and a twin bed for as your baby grows up.

A changing table is a must have newborn gift idea as you will use this the second you come home from the hospital until your baby either outgrows it or no longer wears diapers. A changing table can also help store some extra diapers, wipes, baby powder, diaper rash ointment, wash cloths, and even bath towels. A large enough dresser is good to get as a newborn gift idea so that there is enough room to store all of the baby's clothes or even for extra blankets. It will be suitable for them as they grow up and will be something you won't have to replace in a few years, which will be helpful. A toy chest is also a cute newborn gift idea that will come in handy for all of the little ones' toys and stuffed animals. A rocking chair or glider makes a wonderful accent to any nursery or family room and will help provide comfort for both parents as they rock their baby to sleep. Though these are all larger items they are all necessities for any nursery.

There is a smaller sized newborn gift idea for the nursery to choose from besides the much larger nursery furniture. If you know whether or not the expecting parents with be having a boy or a girl or what the nursery theme will be, then you have many other ideas to choose from. The crib bedding set is essential and normally includes a comforter, a bumper, crib ruffle, and a crib sheet. Some bedding sets even include a diaper holder, a curtain or valance, or even some wall hangings. If the crib bedding set chosen doesn't include these accessories, they are easy to find at most baby or department stores and will match any decor.

An even smaller newborn gift idea for the nursery could be a lamp, a hamper, picture frames, a photo album, a baby book, a piggy bank, books, a mobile, or even a nightlight. There are many different options for a newborn gift idea, but anything for the nursery that will make it comfortable and fun for a baby is all any expecting parents are looking for and will be a wonderful choice. It is always fun for new moms to create and decorate a new room for the new addition to the family, and what really makes it special is knowing that all of her family and friends helped make it possible.